The excitement of a new home, oh boy!  Never lived in and you can select your own finishes.  But wait a minute if you buy a pre-owned home you can select your own finishes.  What are the essential differences?

The Pre owned home may offer an excellent location closer to established businesses, entertainment and popular recreational attractions.  A pre owned home might offer a larger parcel, old world craftsmanship, architectural features, and established neighborhood, mature landscape, water & sewer.  When buying a pre-owned home, the foundational buyer’s concerns and questions focus on maintenance.  Was the previous owner/Seller a good steward in maintaining the home during their ownership?  Typical buyer questions:  How old is the roof?  How old is the HVAC? How old is the Hot Water heater? Where there any updates done to the home?  Kitchen? Bathrooms? etc.

Answers to these questions may make a new home most attractive.  The process of buying a new home might become overwhelming.  Nearly all builders have models decked out with gorgeous furnishings, clever staging, soft music and an inviting pool area.  Yes, new homes will have little maintenance, and be built to current codes, energy efficient and the emotional factor of being new.  Some of the drawbacks of a new home can be the premium price of the lot + structure + design finishes might be more than you anticipated, the builder’s homes all have similar floor plans, immature landscaping, house settling cracked flooring and longer commuting distances to work or entertainment places might make a difference to you.

Which is right for you and your family?  It is best to explore both options.

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