Located in Hillsborough County, Tampa is the county seat and home to approximately 385,430 residents. We see a 14.8% increase in the population over the last decade.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Tampa Areas

Over the years, Tampa has grown as it’s annexed other communities within the county. As in most large cities, Tampa is separated into distinct areas that include West Tampa, Downtown Tampa, East Tampa, South Tampa, North Tampa, and New Tampa.

Tampa FL Skyline at night

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πŸ“ Ybor City, Forest Hills, Ballast Point

Near the downtown area, Ybor City is one of the historic neighborhoods in Tampa. The community is well-known for the Sant’Yago Knight Parade and Guavaween.

Located near Lake Magdalene, Forest Hills was established with the building of a golf course and clubhouse in 1926. The golf course is still present today.

Ballast Point is a beautiful neighborhood that features mature oak trees that are full of Spanish Moss. Though the area is mostly residential, there are businesses here, too.

oak tree canopy

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πŸ“ Sulphur Springs, Seminole Heights, Tampa Heights

Sulphur Springs was a well-known destination for those seeking the healing properties of the mineral springs in the 19th century. The neighborhood is home to approximately 6,300 residents.

Many of the homes and buildings in Seminole Heights are historically significant due to their architectural styles. The area is famous for its unique shops, gourmet restaurants, and historic homes.

One of the oldest communities in the city, Tampa Heights is home to approximately 16,000 residents. Recently, business owners have moved into this community with goals to redevelop and renovate.

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πŸ“ Palma Ceia, Hyde Park, Tampa Palms

Located near the downtown area, Palma Ceia is famous for the beautiful brick streets that have historic appeal. The neighborhood is next to Golfview and is home to the Palma Ceia Country Club.

Another neighborhood with historical significance, Hyde Park is close to the downtown area. You’ll find charming homes and bungalows here that are close to favorite restaurants and shops.

Positioned conveniently in the New Tampa area, Tampa Palms provides residents with everything they need without leaving their community. There are schools, shops, businesses, residential properties, and restaurants.

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πŸ“ Davis Islands

Located on two man-made islands, Davis Islands is home to approximately 5,500 residents. This community is well-known for the Mediterranean style architecture on many of the older homes.

Mediterranean style homes

🏫 Tampa Schools

Students in this area attend Hillsborough County Public Schools. One of the largest school districts in the United States, this school district has 206 schools.

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The percentage of residents with a high school diploma or higher is 87.1 percent. The percentage of residents with a bachelor’s degree or higher is 36.2 percent.

🌞 Tampa Weather

Florida is well-known for its beautiful weather. The highest temperature for this area is 90 degrees in July, but the average annual high is 82 degrees.

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The lowest temperature for this area is 52 degrees in January, but the average annual low is 65 degrees. Tampa receives 46.31 inches of rainfall each year.

🏠 Tampa Real Estate

Of the occupied housing units in the city, someone living in the home owns 48.3 percent. The median home value for this area is $190,300.

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