Lynn listens, observes, and asks questions.

Lynn Brock is a superior real estate agent. We moved from Illinois to Florida recently and had two firsts on our hands: first time buying a house and first time moving out of state.

As our move date approached, we searched the web for an agent in Florida who would help us find a house. We contacted a couple of agents and never heard back from them. Then we found Lynn Brock, who responded quickly and took the time to ask in-depth questions about what we wanted when we made the move.

From day one, Lynn made us feel confident in this daunting decision to disturb our lifelong roots in Illinois and embrace the Florida sun coast.

Lynn Brock listens. She asks questions. She observes.

Lynn took us to several listings on the first day and gauged our reactions to the features of each house, observing our likes and dislikes, and in so doing, learning what would make us truly happy.

The second day of house-hunting, Lynn used the previous days’ findings of our preferences, which increased the ratio of homes that we could actually imagine living in.

By the third day, she knew us well enough that nearly every house she showed us was a winner.

Once we chose a home, Lynn was with us every step of the way, guiding us through the closing and acting as project manager so that everyone involved (mortgage lenders, house inspectors, seller’s agent, attorneys, etc.) stayed on track and on time. The closing was magnificently smooth.

We feel so lucky that we found Lynn Brock. We highly recommend her whether you’re buying or selling a home. You simply can’t go wrong with a woman so dedicated and driven to ensure you get just exactly what you want and need.

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