New/Pre-Owned Homes in Sarasota / Manatee Counties

The excitement of a new home, oh boy!  A home that has never lived in or a pre owned home. First of all, should you buy a pre-owned home you will have the flexibility to select your own finishes and personalize your space once you move in.  Most noteworthy there are essential differences between a new and pre … Continued

Sunny Days Chilly Air Check Out Manatees @ Crystal River

      Manatees are a protected species.  They are large aquatic mammals with two front flippers and a tail paddle.  The are very gentle slow moving swimmers consuming approximately 15% of their body weight each and every day.  Being a mammal, a Manatee must come to the surface to breathe.  They might surface an … Continued

Siesta Key #1 Beach in World Touted Dr. Beach

Courtesy of WFLA SARASOTA COUNTY, Fla. (WFLA) — Siesta Beach is once again the best beach in the United States. “Dr. Beach” ranked Siesta Beach as number one for 2017 in his 27th annual Top 10 Beach List. Two other Florida beaches made this year’s list, Grayton Beach State Park  in the Florida panhandle was #4 and Caladesi … Continued

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

You may have done your house-buying homework regarding down payments and the home-buying process, but you can always use a few extra tips and tricks. Empower yourself as a buyer; enhance your home-buying experience by opening your mind to all the beautiful and not so pleasant experiences along the way. Here are some tips for … Continued

6 Steps to Buying a Home

Buying your first house is one of the most exhilarating experiences of a lifetime. Home ownership signifies so many things in society: independence, success, stability. You’ve dreamed of this for a mighty long time; now it’s time to get your feet wet. Be patient, stay the course, and enjoy the journey. Here are the six … Continued

Staging Your Home to Sell

When you’re planning a move, you’re listing your house, it’s time to start thinking about staging your home for sale. Staging your property, inside and out, can influence how quickly your house sells, how many offers you receive, and how much money you’ll earn. Home values are determined by what buyers are willing to pay. … Continued

Things to Consider When Pricing Your Home for Sale

Pricing your house for sale is an art, and it’s a science. You’ve got to master both the science and the art of pricing your house for sale or you might find yourself stuck with a house you can’t sell. Although no one can tell you matter-of-factly what you should price your house for when … Continued

Things to Do in Sarasota

One of the nice things about Sarasota, Florida, aside from the fact that it’s a beautiful place to be, is that there is always something to do. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the creature comforts of home. Those r&r days of go nowhere and do nothing are rejuvenating for the body, mind, and soul. But … Continued