The excitement of a new home, oh boy!  A home that has never lived in or a pre owned home. First of all, should you buy a pre-owned home you will have the flexibility to select your own finishes and personalize your space once you move in.  Most noteworthy there are essential differences between a new and pre owned home.

Pre-Owned Homes

The Pre owned home may offer an excellent location closer to established businesses, entertainment and popular recreational attractions.

A pre owned home might offer a larger parcel, old world craftsmanship, architectural features, and established neighborhood, mature landscape, water & sewer.  As a result, when buying a pre-owned home, the buyer’s concerns and questions focus on maintenance.  Was the previous owner/Seller a good steward in maintaining the home during their ownership?  Typical buyer questions:  How old is the roof?  How old is the HVAC? How old is the Hot Water heater? Where there any updates done to the home?  Kitchen? Bathrooms? etc.


New Homes

Answers to these questions may make a new home most attractive.  The process of buying a new home might become overwhelming.  Nearly all builders have models decked out with gorgeous furnishings, clever staging, soft music and an inviting pool area.

Yes, new homes will have little maintenance, and be built to current codes, energy efficient and the emotional factor of being new.

Some of the drawbacks of a new home can be the premium price of the lot + structure + design finishes might be more than you anticipated, the builder’s homes all have similar floor plans, immature landscaping, house settling cracked flooring and longer commuting distances to work or entertainment places might make a difference to you.

Which is right for you and your family?  It is best to explore both options.

Let’s consider some of the popular new home regions in Sarasota and Manatee counties:


This region in Manatee county located north of the Manatee River in the unincorporated area of the county.  Consequently, Parrish acquired its name from the early settlers, namely Crawford Parrish a citrus farmer and rancher who settled in northeast Manatee county in the 1870s. There are historical records documenting Parrish’s establishment in the 1870s. This northern most area of Manatee county connects with Hillsborough county which today is amongst the fastest growing region in Florida and US.

Since 2000 the predominantly agricultural lands have been heavily favored by real estate developers and builders. The agricultural land in recent years has been developed into new home communities with homes that are quickly purchased by first time homebuyers, 2nd home buyers and retirees seeking snappy new home with their builder warranties for peace of mind.

With the rising influx of visitors, hotels and motel chains are populating the Parrish area. Recognizable names such as Sleep inn, Hampton Inn and Best Western are among names a visitor can find for a night’s rest.

The Gamble Plantation and Mansion offers deep insight into the development of the area from the Civil War. Private tours of the home are offered daily by a Park Ranger who loves his job. The home was built in 1844 and has survived through hurricanes, floods and the civil war which arrived unannounced at its doorsteps in 1865. The tour is a must for locals and visitors alike.

Today, the region known as Parrish is hustling and bustling with shops, restaurants, residential communities and some open land filled with cattle chewing their cud. A unique mixture of rural and suburban. The Manatee River provides easy access to the Gulf of Mexico. There are several boat launches, parks and recreational sites beloved by Parrish residents.

If you are thinking about buying a home Parrish is an ideal location for families, young and old.


Lakewood Ranch is an enormous tract of land that has been carefully developed and designed to offer a broad scope of housing, lifestyles and easy to reach amenities. Within Lakewood Ranch are smaller communities and neighborhoods. The Country Club of Lakewood Ranch is a gated community consisting of smaller neighborhood enclaves. There are single family homes, villas, maintenance free homes and condos. The Lakewood Ranch Golf and Country Club is a private membership club where you and your family can enjoy the recreational activities and take advantage of the delicious Clubhouse menu and ambiance. There are seven different levels of memberships to select from that suits you best. As you start to learn more about Lakewood Ranch, you will be amazed by the depth and scope of housing, recreational and lifestyle amenities available. You will be delighted to explore this fabulous community seriously considering it as your new home.


Downtown Sarasota is rising to the sky. City blocks have become covered with tall majestic buildings that line Main Street condos, apartments and office buildings have sprung out of the ground in recent years increasing the number of downtown residents from a handful to hundreds. The desire to walk to restaurants, theatres and the waterfront have prompted the development of downtown Sarasota to a sauve, sophisticated hub of those seeking to be seen and be in the scene. Walking along the downtown streets the energy builds with the conversations, music spilling into the air, dancers, dogwalkers and onlookers all meld into the cacophony of city life. Downtown Sarasota beckons to the young at heart to sashay block after block to admire the cleverly dressed windows by local merchants and artisans hawking their wares. It is an exciting time to live and work downtown.


West of the Trail is a small region of stately homes in the vicinity of Sarasota Memorial Hospital, It has been forever popular for its quick access to downtown Sarasota and the bayfront. Many of the original homes have silently fallen to builder’s bulldozers and developer’s dream homes. The neighborhood locally known as West of the Trail has experienced tremendous transformation from older homes to contemporary homes offering smart finishes that today’s buyers are seeking. The well established and mature landscape adds dramatic flair to the new homes that are beautifully designed and blend in with the neighborhood lifestyle. West of the Trail offers high walkability to schools, shopping and restaurants. It is an excellent area for your downtown home.


Palmer Ranch was a land mass of thousands of acres purchased by Bertha Palmer in the late 1800s. Today Palmer Ranch consists of 26 communities offering a broad scope of sought after lifestyles for everyone. Well established neighborhoods are adjacent to new home communities popping up within Palmer Ranch.  Today Palmer Ranch remains a popular favorite among its 100s of residents. There is little evidence of the sprawling cattle ranch that once covered Palmer Ranch, instead residents enjoy the wooded preserves, lakes, trails fitness centers and swimming pools. Convenient shopping malls, medical facilities, schools, golf courses restaurants and parks are sprinkled throughout the Ranch offering quick and easy access to all who call Palmer Ranch home.

You certainly have your lifestyle pick in the Sarasota – Manatee areas of homes.

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