North of Fort Myers, on the southern end of the Tampa Bay area, is the city of Sarasota, the county seat of Sarasota County. Sarasota encompasses approximately 14.9 miles of land and an additional 11 square miles of water for boating, fishing, swimming, parasailing, sun-bathing, or other water activities.

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Sarasota County is home to a population of 54,214 residents. The average annual household income for residents in the area is around $47,020, which is on par with the state’s average income of $49,426. Houses in the area hold values of $202,752, which are significantly above the state’s average home values of $179,800.

Sarasota Schools

Students in Sarasota attend Sarasota County Public Schools. Within the school system in Sarasota, Florida, there are 14 elementary schools, four middle schools, and six high schools. There are also private schools throughout the area. Furthermore, Sarasota is home to the Sarasota School of Architecture and a handful of institutions for higher learning.

Sarasota Transportation

Sarasota County Area Transit offers SCAT bus service but is also working with Manatee County Area Transit and Tampa Bay Area Regional Transit Authority to improve upon and expand ground transportation options in the area. Air transportation is accessible via the Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.

Sarasota Weather

Sarasota is a beautiful place to play in the sun, especially considering that the sun shines on the area 251 days of every year. Summer high temperature is around 91 degrees and winter lows are about 51 degrees. There are 74 days scattered throughout each year where the precipitation in Sarasota’s air is measurable via 56 inches of rain annually. But don’t get your hopes up on building snowmen as Sarasota is not known to receive any snow.

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Sarasota, Florida is a beautiful place to live with a thriving residential community and tourist base. Spend your days at the beach, in the shops, or nestled into a home sweet home, the most peaceful place on earth.

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