Staging your property can influence how quickly your house sells, how many offers you receive, and how much money you’ll receive. You can directly influence a buyer’s perception of your home’s value through the art and science of staging when staging your home to sell.

📦 Declutter and Simplify

Some people call this part decluttering but it’s more calming to imagine it as a way to simplify. Start with three bins, a bag, a box, and an accordion file. The three bins are marked: save, sell, and scrap. The save pile is for items you’re going to need later down the road but probably not until after you move. They’re packable.

woman and man moving boxes

The sell pile is for things you no longer actively use but believe still hold some value. The scrap pile is for things you’d prefer to donate. The bag you brought into the room is for trash. The box is for photos. The accordion file is for important documents and papers.

When you’re finished with the room, empty the trash, and then relocate the items from the bins into organized storage areas such as in the garage, attic, or designated area. Do one room at a time so as not to become overwhelmed. Try to keep to a set schedule so as not to get lost in nostalgia.

Once you’ve finished with the hand-held items, think about furnishings. What can go to storage for now? The more furniture you have in a room, the smaller that room appears.

🖼️ Remove Personal Items

Your next step peels back another layer by asking you to remove your personality and energy from the space. Take down photos of people and pack them away for your next home and put away collectibles to help potential buyers see themselves and their items in the home.

Part of what made your house a home was the ability to imbue it with your charms, the things in life that make you smile. Each time you added a portrait or a piece of artwork, a figurine, a paint color, you added yourself to the character of the home. The next owner will want to do the same thing.

👍 We Can Help!

Your real estate agent is the best source of information about the local community and real estate topics. Give Brock Realty a call today at 941-313-1234 to learn more about local areas, discuss selling a house, or tour available homes for sale.

✨ Clean & Repair

Deep clean everything. Wash the windows. Bleach the bathtubs. Scrub the sinks. Wash the baseboards, walls, and doors. Sweep the ceiling fans and vents. Clean under sinks, in closets, kitchen cabinets, and pantries. Shampoo the carpet. Everything should be as sanitary as possible.

What problems weren’t solved in the cleansing process? Do the carpets need replaced? Should the walls be painted? Could the bathrooms, sinks, and windows use new caulking? Are the light switch or electrical socket covers cracked? Are the window screens torn?

🌻 Add Curb Appeal

Don’t forget the outside; it may well be the most important. When buyer drives up to your house, their first impression lasts. They’re either excited to see what else the house has to offer, or they’re hesitant by what it may reveal.

house with curb appeal

Mow the lawn. Pull weeds. Trim the hedges. Plant flowers. Power-wash the exterior of the structure. Do what you can to give as much charm as you can to your home’s curb appeal.

Staging Your Home to Sell
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